CNIE 2017 Presentation Resource

I enjoyed the opportunity to present  The Art of Teaching in a Fast-Changing World  yesterday with  Alison Bullock  at the CNIE 2017 conference in Banff.   Our session resources are included in this post.

Video of Presentation:


CNIE 2017 Live

I am looking forward to co-presenting The Art of Teaching in a Fast-Changing World at the CNIE conference on Wednesday May 17th at 2:00 (MDT) / 4:00 (EDT)  with  Alison Bullock

We are planning to live stream our session.  Join us virtually in Banff at:

YouTube Live Stream 

OR  (free account needed)


Update to Scaling EDU Change

This post is an update to an earlier post:  Scaling Edu Change, with resources 10 through 17 being new since the previous post.


    1. Student Produced Learning Objects
    2. Project Greenlight 
    3. Leveraging Technology for Inquiry Based Learning
    4. Deepening Mathematics Understanding with Coding
    5. STEM in a Globally Connected Classroom 
    6. Digital Work Flow  
    7. Student Writing With Storybird 
    8. Helping Little Brown Bats 
    9. Tangling With Triangulation 
    10. Improving Collaboration For Learning
    11. Learning Through Hyper Docs
    12. Deepening Math Learning
    13. 20% Time Project
    14. Coding in the Elementary Curriculum
    15. The Journey to Classroom Learning Communities
    16. Technology Tools for Teachers
    17. A Perspective on Inquiry Based Learning

I have enjoyed being involved in this project and look forward to working on the next phase.
Tacheles stairs, Berlin

Join in!!!.   How will you participate in open learning by scaling up?





Note:  Creative Commons image by Flickr user Paolo Margari

The Journey to 1-1 – ConnectEd17

Resources prepared for the Journey to 1 : 1  presentation at ConnectEd 2017 are shared in this post.   Many thanks to instructional leader  Jamie Reaburn Weir  for teaming up with me for this session.

Note:  This video was prepared from the  Livestream  archive.


Synergy for Change

I thoroughly enjoyed my time at the  ConnectEd 2017  conference this week, and certainly enjoyable to see so many wonderful people in my PLN face to face for conversations.

A personal highlight included the opportunity to present two different sessions with  Jamie Reaburn Weir.  In this post, I am sharing the resources we prepared for this Dell sponsored session which focused on setting a context  for tackling barriers for change.

Note:  This video was prepared from the  Livestream  archive.


Going 1 to 1 Panel Discussion

Last week I had the privilege of attending the 2017 Educational Technology Strategy Summit to share the WRDSB “going 1:1” journey in a panel discussion presentation.

The discussion was moderated by teacher  Andrew Bieronski.  I was joined on the panel by  Ed Doadt (Principal),  Jamie Reaburn (teacher), students Tara and Brooke.

The discussion was well received, noting that there were many positive comments about the journey, the sharing of research and observations and including student voices in the session.

Have a listen: 

Session sketchnote: 


Conference Twitter Stream:  #edutech17


Resources from Floradale Parent Technology Session

This blog post shares the resources from my presentation session at Floradale Public School on technology in learning.


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