6 thoughts on “Digital Footprint”

  1. I just read the blog you wrote about yourself. What a very small world. You are a musician? I come from a musical family – maybe you know of my parents. We can chat at the Friday Tweet-up!

    What instrument do you play?

    1. My training and teaching background are in music and math (& later computers). I still play clarinet regularly in my woodwind quintet. I squeeze in community free lance work wheneve I can. And you?

      ~ Mark

      1. This is totally weird. My teachables are also HS math and music! I taught general/workplace level math and 9-OAC music. Then I got into Guidance/Career Ed and OSSTF. I play flute and conduct the choir and band for a local variety show called uxperience. (http://www.uxperience.ca/) This year is the 20th anniversary show and this is my 19th show! Strictly voluntary.

        This is, indeed, a very tiny world in which we live…

      2. Thank you for sharing your background — very cool !!! – a small world indeed.

        ~ Mark

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