About Mark and this Blog

Mark W. Carbone

I am an educator with 35 years experience. I have served in a variety of roles during my career which include: secondary school classroom teacher, secondary school department head, an ICT consultant and IT Manager.  I currently hold the position of Chief Information Officer for the Waterloo Region District School Board Ontario, Canada.

I am thrilled to be a member of the Powerful Learning Practice (PLP) program.  My experiences as a learner and coach have been very rewarding.

I also serve as the OSAPAC co-chair,  OSSEMOOC project co-lead, ECOO president and a Director for the Ontario Association of School Board Officials.

Personal interests include arranging and composing music.  I am an active performer as a member of the Venturi Winds Quintet and the Cambridge Symphony Orchestra.

This personal blog serves as a host for sharing my thoughts about technology in education,  technology enabled learning,  21C  practices and educational leadership & change.  Posts will also include my ongoing personal learning as well as other topics of interest.

I am proud of my WRDSB  ITS  team’s ongoing excellent work, their international recognition in the  Future Ready Program,  the  TEDx talk I co-presented with Donna Fry and being recognized by the The Huffington Post as one of the top 100 social CIOs of 2015 and 2016.


Connect, Learn, Reflect and Share: Make a Difference Today.

~ Mark

Last updated: May 2016

10 thoughts on “About Mark and this Blog”

  1. We just linked on Facebook. Can you imagine, how cool is it that you are a CIO. We do similar things. this is too cool. How amazing.

    I’ve been quietly building my brand online. I’ll launch my new blog and new company website in 4 weeks and keep you posted.

    How cool.

  2. Great to see your blog. I just signed into Twitter and am learning fast. Let’s get more of us on here!

    This is from my professional site and not the school blog.


  3. Hi Mark, I cannot tell you how much I appreciate all you have done on this blog about facebook for teachers.

  4. Hi Mr. C….it sounds so cheesy to say “remember me?” but, there you go…. Glad to hear that you are still playing when you can…. so am I. Married to an alto sax player, teaching grade 5/6 in Owen Sound and playing in community bands when I can. Oh yeah, have a kid too – Thomas, he’s just over two!

    1. Hi Leanne – great to hear from you!!! I love how the internet keeps us all connected. Somehow, the world seems a little smaller and closer. Amazing to hear all your exciting news. It sounds like you have a wonderful life — nicely done!

      ~ Mark

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Connect, Learn, Reflect, Share: Make a Difference Today

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