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Privacy: what went down

Since the Facebook privacy scandal news broke, I have been collecting articles from a variety of sources and writers representing different perspectives. As summer draws to a close, and things are somewhat quieter on this front, I decided to share my list of articles. This list is not intended to be a complete listing of “what went down” but provide readers with a broad range of perspectives with the intent of raising awareness to privacy issues. Do your part: be aware, stay current, be as safe as you can.

See how Facebook tracks you online

How Facebook was able to siphon off phone data

Essential student privacy and safety questions

Facebook tracks you after account deletion

Firefox work around for Facebook privacy

Go back to old Facebook

#DeleteFacebook is a thing

Potential snooping with mics

Managing facial recognition

Disabling Facebook’s data collection

Firefox extension improves privacy

Worried about what Facebook knows about you? Check Google

Firebox Facebook container

Deleting Facebook Data

Delete Facebook data details

Managing Online Tracking

Scrubbing Facebook Data

How Long to Change Facebook

Snow Job

Deleted videos not deleted

Your online data – what they have on you

Facebook servers and data brokers

Privacy Crisis could change big data forever

Cambridge Analytica’s Targeting Model

Facebook admits to tracking users off site

Data collected on people who did not sign up for Facebook

whistleblower says apps and quizzes like ‘Sex Compass’ gathered data from way more than 87M Facebook users

Facial recognition database being built

Do you really have control over your data?

Just the beginning

What you need to know about big data

Facebook changes – what you need to know

Chief marketing technologist: What Now?

Facebook’s new policies translated to simpler language

Cambridge Analytica shutting down

privacy questions not fully answered

Facebook and spy technology

Tracking mouse movements – what Facebook knows


News: what is fake and what is real?

Online privacy course ready for BC schools


Links for 2009-12-27

Links: 2009 12 27 — Interesting finds of the week

1. Redefining Digital Citizenship

2. Australian school tries to liberate teen brains

3. World Map of social networks

4. iTV app for iPhone/iPod Touch

5. Make a PDF book of your blog with Blog Booker

6. CNN’s top 10 trends for 2010.

7. Kobo, eReading anytime, anywhere

Happy learning.

~ Mark

Links for 2009-12-13

Links: 2009 12 13 — Interesting finds of the week

1. Digital Media and Learning

2. NASSP: Shifting Ground

3. Stumble Upon: BBC article Children who use technology are better writers

4. Track iTunes for new apps with AppShoper (Thanks @msjweir)

5. Paper: PLC’s: Investing in Invention

6. Discovery Education: Conquering Technophobia

Enjoy the learning, keep up the sharing.

~ Mark

Links for 2009-11-28

Links: 2009 11 28 — Interesting finds of the week

1. Questia Library for iPhone, iPod Touch

2. Ideas for text organizers to support student writing

3. District Administration: mobile devices in the classroom

4. Route 21: 21st century skills

5. Metiri Group: What’s so different about the 21st century?

6. Presenter’s perspective: Spectacle at Web 2.0 Expo

7. PBS Video: How Google Saved a School

8. Educators’ Guide for integrating social media

Enjoy the reading and learning.

~ Mark

Links for 2009-10-23

Links: 2009 10 23 — Interesting finds of the week

1. National Film Board  announces an   iPhone/iTouch app

2. Wikispaces: ipod classroom resource

3. Edutopia: Reshaping learning from the ground up.

4. Wifi alliance: New WIFI  specs announced.

5. NY Times: Library readers wade into digital lending.

6. UK Guardian: Union boss supports mobile phonesin schools.

Enjoy the reading and learning!

~ Mark

Links: 2009-10-13: Tools for new bloggers

Links: 2009 10 13  — A few tools for new bloggers

1. 20 Simple Blogging Productivity Tools

2. Tips for writing on the web

3. Blogging Secrets

4. Royalty Free  Music and Sound Effects

5. Show yourself  Widget

6. Share this  button

7. Online photo  editing

Happy blogging.

~ Mark

Links: 2009-09-26

Links: 2009 09 26  — Interesting finds of the week

1. Security Heads Up:  Phishing scam steals Twitter passwords

2. Edutopia:  10 tops tips for teaching new media – click here to download your copy.  I have mine!

3. Free Ivy League lectures

4. Skype in Schools wiki

5. Microsoft has a rival to the Apple tablet – overview

6. Game Based Learning for innovative math educators

7. Tech Learning: Cell Phones Welcome Here

Enjoy the reading and learning.

~ Mark

Links: 2009-09-19

Links: 2009 09 19  — Interesting finds of the week

1. Official Google Blog: Teaching computers to read: Google acquires reCAPTCHA

2. Myna: Garage Band in Your Web Browser

3. Facebook membership now matches U.S. population

4. 7000 textbooks in your pocket

5. Google Fastflip

6. The Six stages of Twitter

7. Royalty Free Sound Effects (FX) Library for Download

Enjoy the reading and learning.

~ Mark

Links: 2009-09-06

Links: 2009 09 06 — Interesting Finds of the Week

1.  15 Great Gmail Sidebar Gadgets

2.  Cool websites, software and internet tips

3.  Publish and Share PDFs Online

4.  DropBox: backup, sync and sharing made easy

5.  50 Things Being ‘killed’ by the Internet

Enjoy the reading and learning!

~ Mark