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2016 1:1 Kickoff

The start of this school year has an extra kick of pizzaz for me. WRDSB is launching a 1:1 Chromebook program for all grade 9 students in the system. The intent is for students to keep their chromebook for their 4 years of secondary school.

The learning space has changed: access to digital resources for all, leveraging online learning environments such as Google Classroom and Google apps noting that over 60% of WRDSB staff and students currently use this environment daily for writing, researching, collaborating, exchanging ideas, providing feedback, documenting and sharing their learning.  In many respects, moving to 1:1 is a scaling up based on the successes of the  Futures Forum  project.


Graphic from http://michaelfullan.ca/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/13599974110.pdf

On Sept. 1st, I had the opportunity to attend the grade nine orientation session at Cameron Heights CI. Principal Ray Teed estimated that over 90% of grade nine students were present.  It was great to feel the energy and excitement in the building. Here are a few highlights from the tour, lunch and chromebook pickup.

… and a nice touch at Southwood SS.


Make it a great learning year!


Future Learning with CHCI3UU

I appreciated the opportunity to participate as an online panel member for Jamie Reaburn’s (@msjweir) class hosted discussion about Future Learning with:  Dean Shareski,  Donna Miller Fry,  Brenda Sherry,  Karen Beutler  and  Geoff Williams  today.

A context for the discussion:


The class led planning for the day allowed for a wonderful opportunity to bring students and a variety of forward thinking educators together for an insightful live broadcast conversation.  Hats of to Ms. Weir for facilitating  a rich and deep learning experience for her class.

I look forward to further interactions with the class to learn more about their perspective on the event.

Live Twitter stream for #FutureLearning

Storify capture of session tweets  by  Donna Miller Fry.

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Read Jamie’s  blog.

Update to original post:  This project has since been featured by the Ontario Ministry of Education as exemplary modelling of instructional practice, students voice and technology enabled learning. 


Remembering and Making a Difference

Today’s post shares the Cameron Height CI staff and student prepared Remembrance Day Service recording of the livestreamed version.

I was impressed with the service because I thought it pushed the boundaries on the traditional service, was relevant to students and provided meaningful options for students to be involved in impacting people’s lives.

Well done CHCI !!!


Remembrance Day Service 2015

This year the WRDSB Education Centre staff will be connecting with Cameron Heights C. I. to view the Remembrance Day service planned by the staff and students.


The video stream will be active from 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. for the two assemblies which will run 8:20 – 9:15  and  9:20 – 10:15.

Click [here] to join the stream. (Note: free account needed for viewing.)