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Future Learning with CHCI3UU

I appreciated the opportunity to participate as an online panel member for Jamie Reaburn’s (@msjweir) class hosted discussion about Future Learning with:  Dean Shareski,  Donna Miller Fry,  Brenda Sherry,  Karen Beutler  and  Geoff Williams  today.

A context for the discussion:


The class led planning for the day allowed for a wonderful opportunity to bring students and a variety of forward thinking educators together for an insightful live broadcast conversation.  Hats of to Ms. Weir for facilitating  a rich and deep learning experience for her class.

I look forward to further interactions with the class to learn more about their perspective on the event.

Live Twitter stream for #FutureLearning

Storify capture of session tweets  by  Donna Miller Fry.

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Update to original post:  This project has since been featured by the Ontario Ministry of Education as exemplary modelling of instructional practice, students voice and technology enabled learning.