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Scaling EDU Change

Last fall the Waterloo Region District School Board held their third Digital Learning Symposium.  Each symposium has focused on sharing effective classroom practice,  changing practice and promoting innovative practices.

The series of events has provided an opportunity for educators to come together, share, network and talk about next steps to pushing the envelope, building synergy and scaling change at the system level.

One of the strategies used at this recent symposium was to capture the best practices shared through video recording and create a WRDSB system blog to share the learnings and innovative approaches through other initiatives such as meetings of system leaders, school staff meetings and subject association sessions.  It is important to keep the momentum of the change conversation going.  This public blog also supports open learning for all educators.

  1. Student Produced Learning Objects
  2. Project Greenlight 
  3. Leveraging Technology for Inquiry Based Learning
  4. Deepening Mathematics Understanding with Coding
  5. STEM in a Globally Connected Classroom 
  6. Digital Work Flow  
  7. Student Writing With Storybird 
  8. Helping Little Brown Bats 
  9. Tangling With Triangulation 

I have enjoyed being involved in this project and look forward to working on the next phase.

Tacheles stairs, Berlin

Join in!!!.   How will you participate in open learning by scaling up?





Note 1:  The blogging project calls for a post week through until May, so the sharing will continue through to May. 

Note 2: Creative Commons image by Flickr user Paolo Margari

Voice – Have You Found Yours?

Last week I had a fantastic opportunity to hear flamenco guitarist David Sinclair perform in a quaint house setting thanks to friends Bob and Jan.  As  you might anticipate, the performance was fabulous and so great to hear in that setting.  David provided some interesting insights into the music history and style to set the context for each piece.


One  of the introductions really struck a chord with me.  As he talked about progressing as performer, David shared that one of his teachers challenged him to accomplish more:  be a great performer, but find your voice, write and perform your own music as well – leave your own legacy.

There is was: the importance of  “find your voice“.  Thanks David.

Given the number of conversations  in education about finding your voice and sharing learning openly, and a new school year just around the corner, perhaps this was a happy coincidence.  Or perhaps it was an “ignite moment”  to encourage us (educators) to take steps or continue a commitment to support open learning and sharing.


September is coming.  Are in you in? 




Creative Commons Photo Credit (blog graphic) to Flickr user  ginaballerina

A Perspective on “RESET”

There is something about the start of a new school year that seems to put me an a place of  both  wondering & reflection.   In some ways,  the start of the school year is in effect the pressing of the big  ‘RESET‘ button  — everything starts fresh with new:  timetables, class groupings,  introductions,  friendships,  experiences,  chances to make a difference …    Well,  the list could go on and on,  but you get the picture:   opportunity and hope.    Hold that thought.

This weekend I attended a memorial service and left feeling inspired. Why?  The service  was very personalized with music performed by family members and the stories about what was important in their Dad’s life.   Then it happened — the part that really stayed with me.  A few key elements of  their  father’s life were highlighted as “lessons learned”.

And there it was – underscored, wait, make that underscored:  the importance of reflecting.   The  “lessons learned”  in this case applied to both school and life in general.  Paraphrasing in my own words now,  the lessons focused on relationships, boundless learning,  growing without limits, the importance of sewing seeds to nurture encouragement, and,  to share.

Without doubt,  this is a  powerful  message,  and so appropriate for the beginning of a school year.


Photo credit: my own

What new perspectives will you bring to the 14/15 school year?  How will you foster and role model boundless learning,  positive relationships,  sowing seeds and sharing?   What  impact will your actions have on the opportunities and hopes of those around you?

Recommended Related  Reading:   Who are you leaving out?   by  Donna Miller Fry.


Just ask your PLN

The  other night I was catching up on Twitter reading when I came across this tweet from Carina, reaching out to her PLN for some input.


I decided to take action and retweet the request.


Within 5 minutes, responses from  Lee Anne  and  Donna  were posted.



A couple of hours later,  Brandon added a third book to the suggestion list.


This is a  wonderful  example of connected learning through your PLN. Great suggestions for reading material were made to Carina,  but all who follow the discussion benefit.

Keep connecting, and keep contributing to the learning of others.