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A Perspective on “RESET”

There is something about the start of a new school year that seems to put me an a place of  both  wondering & reflection.   In some ways,  the start of the school year is in effect the pressing of the big  ‘RESET‘ button  — everything starts fresh with new:  timetables, class groupings,  introductions,  friendships,  experiences,  chances to make a difference …    Well,  the list could go on and on,  but you get the picture:   opportunity and hope.    Hold that thought.

This weekend I attended a memorial service and left feeling inspired. Why?  The service  was very personalized with music performed by family members and the stories about what was important in their Dad’s life.   Then it happened — the part that really stayed with me.  A few key elements of  their  father’s life were highlighted as “lessons learned”.

And there it was – underscored, wait, make that underscored:  the importance of reflecting.   The  “lessons learned”  in this case applied to both school and life in general.  Paraphrasing in my own words now,  the lessons focused on relationships, boundless learning,  growing without limits, the importance of sewing seeds to nurture encouragement, and,  to share.

Without doubt,  this is a  powerful  message,  and so appropriate for the beginning of a school year.


Photo credit: my own

What new perspectives will you bring to the 14/15 school year?  How will you foster and role model boundless learning,  positive relationships,  sowing seeds and sharing?   What  impact will your actions have on the opportunities and hopes of those around you?

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