Mobile Learning with OSSEMOOC

Last night I enjoyed the mobile learning session presented by  Rob De Lorenzo  as part of the  OSSEMOOC  professional learning series.


After the session I went the the chat transcript and picked out a few phrases that resonated with me.  They are:

  • it is so important that community creates the learning
  • the “any’s” — anytime, anywhere, anyone, anything learning
  • love that idea – learning languages on social media.
  • The need for administrators to be involved in the process is critical.
  • technology empowerment of teachers is critical to reach our tech hungry students
  • The computer lab is an artifact. We’ve moved beyond the need for it.
  • Wifi is a game changer.
  • No need for uniform platform anymore – different tools for different tasks
  • let them bring the devices they are comfortable with.
  • You choose the device that will best let you do that”
  • No tech can replace carefully thought out lessons and teaching strategies!
  • mobile productivity

Which phrase(s) resonate with you? Why?


Now, an invitation, or perhaps a challenge depending on your viewpoint.  Share your thoughts by leaving a comment on this post or consider writing a blog of your own to share your thinking.  If you choose to blog,  please share a link to your post.

Additional Resources
Listen to the  archived recording of  Mobile Learning .


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