EdCampWR: What next?


Ed Camp Waterloo Region, held yesterday – Feb. 22, 2014, was an amazing day for many reasons.  First off, a special thank you to organizers for arranging the day and bringing so many passionate educators together. Each of the sessions I attended had deep, meaningful and thought provoking discussion. I appreciated the openness of the educators who attended to share their thinking and insights with confidence.

The day also turned out to be a great example of connected learning. Many thanks to the educators who joined remotely and contributed to the discussion via twitter and text messages.

The day after a successful event like this always begs the question: So what next? I hope each of you will turn “what next?” into “what can I do?”   Please consider:

      • how to keep the conversation going
      • demonstrate your connected learning
      • share through blogging, G+, twitter etc.
      • continue asking questions
      • nurture someone around you, bring them into the conversation
      • promote and attend other edcamps


Check out my Storify of  EdCampWR  tweets
Read  Where to now?  by  Donna Fry
Join in the free professional connected learning with  OSSEMOOC

Keep the learning going.


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