Connecting in the Workplace

Today our Business Services team held their semi annual PD session.  Over the last couple of years we have had a very focused agenda on team building, customer service and managing change to support our planned department reorganizations and workflow analysis.

Today we had the pleasure of hearing Mike Moore’s presentation: Connecting in the Workplace. Mike really connects with people and has a great message. He has learned a lot by observing people in his world wide travel to deliver his message. It is obvious he absolutely loves what he does! I won’t spoil any of Mike’s stories by referring to details here.

Mike’s presentation is centered around a few key ideas:

  • the fun factor is important, have fun at work
  • embrace and enjoy a little humour
  • take pride in yourself and value what you do
  • dignity is an equalizer

There are challenges at the personal, team and organizational level. Attitude is your dominate thought at any given moment – choose to make it a positive thought.

  • guard against destructive humour
  • find comedy in chaos
  • QTIP (quit taking it personally)
  • Turn Negatives
    • stress
    • turnover
    • absenteeism
    • low moral
    • low productivity
  • into Positives
    • communication
    • humour
    • attitude
    • recognition
    • mutual respect

Mike connects with the audience quickly and presents in a very personal way that puts one at ease. He keeps you smiling and laughing with his message and illustrative true stories. He throws in a couple of musical moments too to keep you engaged.

All in all, a great presentation. I would have listened longer!  See Mike Moore’s  website for more details about his presentations.

~ Mark

2 thoughts on “Connecting in the Workplace”

  1. It was a great presentation. His message was delivered in a light manner, but had considerable substance and power. He is passionate about his message. I was able to tick the boxes as to what I was doing right and what I need to work on, both personally and as a supervisor. Looking around the room and talking with people afterwards, his presentation resonated equally well with both men and women … no easy task. I think he shared the man moments with the men, and made them work for the other half by making them husband moments!

  2. Hi Mark. What a pleasant surprise to see your blog on my web stats page. I had a GREAT time with you people. Lots of fun and very affirming of my work. I do hope we cross paths again. Once again thanks for the positive response.

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