Twitter experience becoming richer

From where I sit, Twitter use seems to be changing and evolving. When I first started using Twitter, it seemed that most Tweets could easily be placed into a few predictable categories:

  • general comments: updates regarding your current activity
  • web announcements: updated my blog at … or bookmarking site …. or read about something at …..
  • resource announcements: great smartboard resource at …..
  • asking a question

Some examples of these type of posts are:

Picture 5

Picture 7

Picture 6

Picture 8

My observation is that people are now ‘more connected’ through Twitter. By that I mean that I see evidence of more ongoing dialogue within groups of users. Requests for information are responded to. People are connecting for specific purposes.

For example:

Picture 3

Picture 4

Picture 1

Picture 2

To my way of thinking, this shows development in how Twitter is used. I feel there is a much greater sense of community – at least in the people in interact with. Users also have a better sense of harnessing the power of search terms and hash tags. Twitter is such a powerful tool to develop one’s PLP network. I feel fortunate to have a great PLP team to learn from and I look forward to the online dialogue that is an important part of every day!

~ Mark

2 thoughts on “Twitter experience becoming richer”

  1. Hey Mark,

    I quite agree. The PLN I participate in has only gotten better since February of this year when I started.

    Good examples above. More specific, and suited to learning. I know I’m getting better at saying what I really want to say in 140 characters!

    Thanks for your observations.


  2. Good article, Mark. The key is to find good people to follow. Inevitably, it comes from face to face discussions but then when you start to follow a friend of a friend that you respect, it begins to snowball.

    I’m looking to push the networking issue even further with our PLP Network.

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