A New Device, A New Learning Opportunity

In the last few months, I must have run across at least an article per week that begins something like this:

“How to replace your old computer with __________”.  You fill in the blank with a device of your choice — laptop, netbook, tablet, iPad, smart phone … what ever.

What strikes me in the typical article,  is the focus on this question:

How do I do take the list of old tasks and approaches on my old computer and duplicate them on my new device?

OK.  Lets spin 180 degrees and land on a growth mindset perspective.

Why not explore a new technology device with curiosity. What can it do:

      • that my old computer couldn’t?
      • differently?
      • more efficiently?
      • easily?

Are you leveraging a opportunity with a new device?  Maybe it is time to unlearn some old habits and be a curious explorer and learner.



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