iPhone: tech tip for FirstClass mobile client

I have been using the FirstClass client software on my iPod touch for a little while now. The software is very functional and easy to use for the most part. Setting up the calendar was clunky – not obvious, needed research and makes you ask why???

Activating the calendar requires a couple of steps.

1. Select the ‘i’ on the lower right corner of the main screen to access the settings options.

2. Tap the version number 3 times. The ‘alarm on’ message will appear indicating that calendars and contacts are now visible on the mobile client.

Last week I upgraded my old cell phone to an iPhone. The transition between devices worked well – kept my same family phone plan, added a data package, transferred the contact list from the phone and presto – ready for action with the iPhone.

I synced the iPhone to the same laptop as I sync my iPod Touch to. A separate profile was created and off I went. After a little use, I noticed that the number of available screens within FirstClass was not the same between the devices. Further checking showed that the number of icons available differed as well. Hmmm.

A closer comparison showed that the calendar feature was not active in the client setup synced over to my iPhone and the version number was not there to tap and activate the calendar feature. I deleted the installation, downloaded a fresh copy over the internet and went through the configuration settings again. Now the iPod Touch and iPhone versions are functioning the same and  everything is humming along as I expected.

~ Mark

9 thoughts on “iPhone: tech tip for FirstClass mobile client”

  1. Hi Mark,

    I was wondering if you knew whether First Class works on a Blackberry? I have set up First Class on my ipod touch, but just bought a Blackberry. (I haven’t been syncing email etc on my ipod touch) Any thoughts?


    1. Judith,

      Although there is a FirstClass Client under development for the Blackberry it is not yet available. At this point, you would have to access a FirstClass server through the web interface.

      ~ Mark

  2. Hi I was wondering if you figured a way to synch the itouch native calendar with the first class calendar. I can access the first class when i have access to the internet but there are situations where I will not have access to wireless internet and would like to see my first class calendar. Any ideas?

    1. Dave,

      Further to the question you posted on my blog, yes, there is a way to sync the iPod Touch/iPhone native calendar with First Class. I will review the setup and forward some setup info.

      ~ Mark

      1. Mark,
        I see that this post is 2 years old, and you say that there is a way to sync the iPhone native calendar with FirstClass, but I can’t seem to find a way to do this. Can you please forward the info. to me? I also use Google calendar, so if I could sync FirstClass with Google (and not just import) it would be great.

  3. Thanks Mark! Your blog posting is the first hit on Google when you search for how to activate the calendar on the iPhone FC client! I am linking many iPod touch and iPhone users in our board to your blog!

  4. Hi Mark,

    Wow–just happened upon your site while looking for ways to sync First Class Calendar. Thanks for the tip around triple-tapping the version number to activate calendar in the iPhone app. What a find!

    (Why do they hide it away like that?)


  5. Hi Mark,
    I tapped the version number 3 times but nothing happened. It’s the number in the left bottom of the screen? Mine says Version: 11.22

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