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Leadership Day 2010 Results

My last blog post was my submission to  Leadership Day 2010. This week the full list of submissions was posted on Scott McLeod’s blog Dangerously Irrelevant.

This year, there were 114 great entries, organized by the categories outlined below.

Leadershipday2010Leadership & Vision

  • Lists
  • Online Learning
  • Planning & Implementation
  • Professional Development
  • Safety & Security


Teaching & Learning

  • Tools & Technologies

You may also want to check out the  Twapperkeeper capture of the hashtag #leadershipday10

I would encourage you to check out this collection of posts for some great ideas and thinking. Enjoy the reading and learning.

~ Mark

Leadership Day 2010

A few days ago, I saw this tweet from @gcouros while reviewing the daily action from my PLN.

This certainly caught my attention, so I read the blog post and decided to participate.

Lets be straight up to begin. Administrators are busy people with many responsibilities to juggle. They can’ t ‘know everything’ – and they don’t need to.  I do believe there a some critical elements that are attached to their role in terms school success and staff development that will make a key difference.

School Administrator To Do List

  • walk the walk & talk the talk
  • understand digital literacy and digital citizenship
  • be familiar with, and understand the power of  web 2.0 and social media tools
  • establish a PLN (self directed, job embedded learning) and share the learnings with staff
  • promote technology use as an embedded & key part of the learning process
  • understand appropriate technology use, highlight/showcase it as a part of good teaching practice
  • include technology use in the learning process as part of the teacher feedback and evaluation process
  • require that staff learn about best technology integration strategies as part of ongoing PD/learning plans
  • ensure that technology uses are well connected to Province/State and Board/District level priorities
  • understand the role of technology in establishing and/or improving school and classroom community
  • build a culture, not a ‘one of’ island
  • embrace change
  • be vocal: share, promote and connect with other administrators

~ Mark