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Make IT a Journey

Bring IT Together 2014 has without a doubt been an amazing conference.  We are stronger than ever before.  One of the aspects that make this conference special is the Focusing on TOGETHER in Bring IT Together.


I want to extent an sincere thank you to the entire “Green Shirt Team” for the vision and work to plan an exciting, engaging and connecting conference.  Well done!

The Journey Challenge: 

As you prepare to travel back to your respective school boards, savour the highs, the new learnings and your new connections.  I also  want to encourage you to consider this wonderful event as the starting point of a journey.  I am thinking that the most important thing that happens between now and the 2015 conference event is the journey you will take.


Some thinking prompts:

  • How has your growth mindset changed as a result of something that happened here at the conference?
  •  How will you nurture the new connections you made?
  • Will you change the way in which you participate in professional learning?
  • How will you share?
  • How will you make your thinking visible?
  • What actions will you take to help a colleague move along their professional growth path?

Plan to make a difference!

Safe travels,  see you online.


ECOO13: Call to Action

It is hard to believe ECOO13 is done.   Following the event, a number of people asked if I could post my closing remarks.  Wanting to be timely, here they are.

There is no doubt that ECOO 13 has been an amazing experience.  The energy is high, the synergy amazing, the networking extensive and an incredible amount of learning & sharing.  Each of us will have personal take-aways that will impact and change our professional practice.  Awesome! 

In terms of conference takeaways, I believe there is much more.  As education continues to transform, each of us has a vital role to play in shaping the future.   It is important that we be purposeful in what we do.   Technology is a powerful enabler and game changer when skillfully used with best instructional and assessment practices.   

With that said, I ask that you reflect on what you can do as an active change agent. 

  • keep yourself in the role of the learner

  • tell your story: be visible, live out loud, create value, leverage video and social media, reflect and blog 

  • stay connected

  • consider frameworks such as the SAMR model as an ongoing change model 

  • consider the power of students teaching students through video

  • nurture those around you

Be brave, responsive and make a difference as we keep adapting to teach the web generation wired learners. 

 Travel safely.  See you online.