Jenni van Rees: Blogging with primary students

Meet Jenni van Rees.


After a casual conversation at  Ed Camp Hamilton,  and some email correspondence, I arranged to do an interview with  WRDSB  teacher Jenni van Rees to further explore her work in blogging with her grade one students. The interview was initially done live on the internet on QueST Radio 1-24 .   The audio recording is now available as a resource to this blog post, and will also be rebroadcast on QueST Radio 1-24.  Watch , Twitter and G+ for announcements.

Guiding Questions for the Interview

1. Introductions

2. Professional technology interests

3. What drove your interest in getting your students online and blogging?

4. Administrative support?

5. What did you do in the area of communications with parents?

6. Describe/share how this has worked, benefits to students,

7. Did anything surprise you? anything unexpected happen?

8. How did you prepare the students in the area of digital citizenship?

9. Based on the results, will you continue to encorporate blogging as part of your instructional practice?

10. Closing comments.

Jenni provided excellent insights into these interview questions.  Hear her thoughts on professional learning, role modelling, real world audience, digital citizenship and PLNs in the  QueST Radio 1-24 broadcast recording .

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Happy learning.


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