The ConnectED Leaders Weekly: 1st 1/4 highlights

I am celebrating 3 months of publishing the ConnectED Leaders Weekly by sharing a some highlights of each issue.

Issue             Article

Aug. 31, 12   What if you flipped your staff meetings?

Sept. 7, 12     Technology Enabled Learning: leadership, change and capacity building

Sept. 14, 12   Start the year by teaching search

Sept. 21, 12   The most powerful word in leadership

Sept. 28, 12  Strong School Leaders Key to Solving Digital Age Education Challenges

Oct. 5, 12      7 Ways to Transform Your Classroom

Oct. 12, 12    Principal evaluation systems, do they help us grow?

Oct. 19, 12   Classroom Strategies to Foster a Growth Mindset

Oct. 26, 12   How Twitter is reinventing collaboration among educators

Nov. 2, 12    Technology Resistant  and  Parent Teacher interviews Ms. J. Weir style

Nov. 9, 12    Schools are using social media to involve parents

Nov. 16, 12  Write Now

Happy Reading!


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