5 on 5 part 2

I recently enjoyed a second opportunity to participate in an interview process with IT World Canada.  The format is 5 on 5 — 5 questions for 5 people. View the IT strategy 5 on 5  November discussion on innovation.


One thought on “5 on 5 part 2”

  1. Mark, I found the conversation most interesting. I smiled to myself as I read GEORGE HAMIN -Director eBusiness & Information Systems, Subaru Canada Inc. response to question 2: How do you find inspiration for innovative ideas that will apply to your business? Just a few days ago, my blog http://www.PostDewey.ca posted the following: “Borrowing: A PostDewey Top 10 List”. In it I list and link to sources of ideas that might support innovative thinking. Interestingly, you might find the challenges that Dee Hock (http://bit.ly/18SebR) confronted in the finance sector eerily similar to the challenges learning faces today.

    Martin Goldberg

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