Social Media Check

Thanks to a tweet from @trustsocmedia this week, I found out about the  The Doc Zone  feature titled Facebook Follies   . Although I was not able to view the CBC broadcast, the title did capture my interest. Today, I took the time watch the online version of  Facebook Follies .

In my view, the production was very well done.  The realities, cautions, benefits and highlights of using Facebook, and social media tools in general, are all explored through real situations. To me, this speaks to the reasons why students need to be educated through authentic experiences about the use of social media tools, digital citizenship and managing your online profile/digital footprint.

Your online actions live forever. I applaud educators who are making efforts to embrace social media tools, leverage their power , teach and model ethical and responsible use.


One thought on “Social Media Check”

  1. Great post, Mark. As we all navigate through this, still new, medium, caution must be taken especially when using a site (Facebook) that constantly changes the rules without necessarily telling us what new nooks and crannies (privacy settings) we should investigate. As I’ve always said, I like Facebook – a lot – and believe it has fantastic potential in education, but the vast majority of people are apathetic when using the site, and tend to be genuinely stunned when they’ve suddenly been pink-slipped, or have had their scholarship offer retracted.

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