The iPad and K-12 education

I was great to finally hear the details of the Apple iPad this week. As one would expect, people predictably polarize their opinions on one side of the fence or the other – all raves or a long list of perceived short comings before they have even had a chance to try the device.

I have tried to put these potentially more extreme reactions off to the side. My interest in looking at the device was to consider its potential in the K-12 educational environment. From my point of view, their are many positives. Three in particular, are worthy of specific mention.

  • connectivity choices – wifi with or without a cellular based plan
  • full access to the suite of iPod Touch and iPhone apps
  • readiness for a new eBook and ePublishing strategies

What does this all mean for K-12?

  • internet connectivity: resources, inquiry based research
  • access to writing and collaboration tools
  • access to communication tools
  • well positioned to use new eBook and Publishing options
  • support for mobile learning

From my point of view, the iPad seems to be well positioned for a solid place in K-12 curriculum delivery. I look forward to learning more about the device and its educational potential.

Watch Apple’s iPad video.

~ Mark

One thought on “The iPad and K-12 education”

  1. I have only had a small opportunity to follow the launch of the product. There is still more research I need to do. I am curious how compatible it will be with the current machines in our elementary schools, in particular with the multimedia (GarageBand, iMovie). The iPad does not have a camera or microphone 😦 in this first model. Will students be able to use applications on our image and work with an iPad? I wonder if the iTouch has all of the same functions as well as a camera perhaps this is just as viable as an option for K-12 learning and instruction?

    You raise some very interesting points.

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