All in the numbers

A few days ago, a family friend posted a statement on Facebook indicating their belief that 13 was in fact a lucky number. There were a couple of ‘like this’ responses and a comment supporting that statement and also indicating that 13 is a ‘fine prime’ number too.

Well, then my daughter jumped into the fray. She, if fact, does have a lot of ’13’ connections. Once the full list was compiled through the various posts, I thought it was worth sharing here as a point of interest.

The list of Stephanie’s special connections to 13 are:

  • born in our 13th year of marriage
  • on the 13th day of the month
  • adopted on the 13th of the month
  • was the 13th member of the Carbone family
  • will graduate from university in 2013
  • was assigned residence phone extension 2813 (28th is my birth date)
  • was in position 13 in her commencement line up

We helped acknowledge Stephanie’s special number and favourite animal with the purchase of a personalized license plate: MOOSE 13. I think is is pretty cool, and am always amazed by these connections. I look forward to future ’13’ connections as life unfolds.

~ Mark

As of today, September 13th, 2017 there are a number of ’13’ connections to add to the list.

  • started 2 different jobs on the 13th of the month
  • worked in one job for 13 months
  • house number is 13
  • son was born on the 13th

I look forward to future ’13’ connections as life unfolds.


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