Sharp right corner

Timeframe: Thursday January 14th, 2010

I had just returned home from our Admin Council seminar. I felt great about the technology directions agreed too as part of our work. I had also attended a school planning session around some Digital Citizenship initiatives. After dashing home for dinner, I headed out for quintet rehearsal – final preparations for our weekend concert.

Friday morning I following my normal routine and headed into work. My plan was to take care of some paperwork in the morning then attend a school technology planning session with one of our Principals. Well, that was my plan. Mother Nature had other ideas.

Mid Friday morning, Mother Nature took control of the agenda, turned a sharp right corner, a led me on a new path that would turn out to be a 8 day adventure in the hospital to deal with a number of interconnected and complex issues. Talk about an instant disconnect from the world! It turned out to be a week to:

  • remind yourself to appreciate good health
  • focus on health improvement
  • appreciate the skills of my Doctor, nurses and medical technicians
  • and be thankful for the love and support from my family

Everything has turned out fine, and I am delighted to be at home recovering. As energy returns, I will begin reconnecting with my various online activities.

~ Mark

One thought on “Sharp right corner”

  1. I wondered where you were. I thought you had left the country. 😉

    Nice to hear that you are recovering.

    You may want to switch from your GI diet to my EA (Eat Everything) diet. 😉

    Take care and I’ll see you soon.

    PS Try to join us remotely in Philadelphia at EduCon 2.2.

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