FirstClass Mobile – a few more tips

A number of us at work have been using the FirstClass Mobile client for a while now. Overall the current version seems quite stable and works well, but there seemed to be 3 short-comings that needed to be addressed from my point of view. Thanks to my trusty PLN, I have 2 answers and 1 work around which I will share in today’s post.

1. When addressing mail, it was not obvious how to add multiple recipients in the address line. Thanks to @dougpete for pointing out the ‘ To: ‘ label is actually an active button, which takes you to a screen that facilitates adding multiple addresses to the To: CC: or BCC: address fields as per the two iPhone screen captures below.


2. The second issue was that the Public conferences area was not showing any conferences when opened. Coworker @rebrouse figured out the tapping the bottom right icon that looks like a folder with an arrow, displays the ‘missing’ icons. This works consistently with folders too.


3. It seems that the reply all with quote option is not available. In the regular client, you simply highlight the text to be quoted then choose reply all. It is possible to work around this using a copy and paste technique with the reply all option to simulate the correct message content. Select, copy is activated by holding your finger on the touch screen, dragging the highlight box to cover the required text, then pressing the ‘copy’ button. Once you choose reply all, tap the screen then choose paste.

Thanks to my PLN for helping me learn!

~ Mark

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