Technology enhances leisure time

My wife and I enjoy solving crossword puzzles together, particularly in the summer when it is nice to sit out on the back porch. I will be the first to admit that I am not particularly great at solving the crosswords, but will plug away at it. 



One day we hit on a whole new approach to working on the crosswords that has made it a lot more fun for both of us. We recognized that the fun of working on a crossword was in the actual process of solving the puzzles. Rather than getting hung up, and perhaps frustrated, by not having enough ‘crossword knowledge’ at your fingertips, why not enhance your resources?  

We use internet searching to help us solve the puzzles.  I am sure that crossword purists would roll there eyes at the thought of this. However, this simple addition to our approach has really made a difference in the enjoyment level of working out a crossword solution. Our strategy is to complete as much of the puzzle as possible without any assistance, then we take turns trying to track down the missing clues using internet search engines. 

I like this for two reasons. First, it is a great way to try out the different search engines and compare results. Secondly, it keeps your search skills sharpened up as you weed through the information to solve the puzzle. A bonus is that we learn from each other as we compare strategies to locate information. All in all, this approach is a hit from our point of view.

Crossword time now means being outside,  time on the porch, coffee/tea, laptop and wireless internet connection and more fun solving the puzzles. Off to solve the next puzzle clue!

~ Mark

2 thoughts on “Technology enhances leisure time”

  1. Don’t forget your daily online sessions with your friends in Scrabble, Mark. The internet allows you to reach out and beat people that you would normally not have the option to!

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