Internet connectivity ‘saves’ the day

After recently changing laptops, and as fate would have it, I arrived at a week long event minus one of the software packages I needed later in the week and no install CDs handy.

No problem, I can download the installer files I require. So, I fire up my laptop, connect to the internet and download the files. It turns out the files were stored as a disk image (.iso) file. Normally, you would burn this file to a CD for use. I did not have CDs with me.

No problem, a little Internet searching led me to a free utility to extract the files with CD burning as part of the process. After downloading the file and a virus check, I installed the file extract program and obtained the installer files I needed from the image file.

Now I am back in business and installed the software I required and ready to finish preparing some materials required for Wednesday. As part of the process, I was also able to obtain an update for the drivers for a USB MIDI device from the Roland site in Japan.

None of this problem solving could have happened without Internet based resources and search capabilities. Three cheers for internet connectivity!!!

~ Mark