Tech and leisure time, what about Scrabble?

In a recent post, Technology enhances leisure time , I shared my experience of technology changing our approach, success and enjoyment of solving crossword puzzles. I shared this particular example because it is a good example (in my mind) of how technology can have a positive impact on something that is seemingly unrelated.

After dialoguing with a number of people after the post, I was surprised at the reaction and I thought I would share an update. I was anticipating comments about moving the puzzle solving away from the ‘pure’ form. The theme of the reactions boiled down to one common thread: Β Scrabble – I did not mention Scrabble in my post.

I love playing Scrabble and Scrabble like games (Lexulous, Wordscaper etc.) and they are absolutely right. Technology has changed the way people can be involved in a multitude of online recreational activities. I do not get a chance to enjoy a face to face game of Scrabble often enough, but I can play online every day – and I do! Β 

The technology provides a way to enjoy daily interaction with friends whether they live next door, another city or country, Β or are travelers on the go for that matter. Plus, the technology expands the options and opportunities of communication.

I can:

  • play multiple games at once
  • multitask while playing
  • send notes back and forth within the games
  • play independent of other people’s schedules (asynchronous)
  • play in real time with options to chat on and/or have a video conversation (MSN, skype etc.)
  • play any where I have an internet connection
  • play via a mobile device

Playing word games with family and friends is a high light in each day that I treasure and technology enabled this possibility. Lucky me! Now, I am willing to bet that one of my friends played a Scrabble move while I was typing this post. I better go check πŸ™‚

~ Mark