Technology & morning routines

Earlier this week, an interesting article was published in the New York Times describing how technology has changed the morning routines of a Michigan State family. The article describes the transition from eating together with some family discussion to their typical morning today in their world today with email, social networking and text messaging. This change has certainly impacted their family time together and way they interact at the start of the day. Click here to view the original article.

Reading this article got me thinking about how technology has changed our family routines. In our house hold, we do try to eat together as much as possible. However, this change has happened in our house too. We have all changed our routines to accommodate that ‘reconnect’ with the online world before heading out for our day at work or school.

On a typical morning:

– I check work email on my blackberry, twitter and Facebook
– my wife checks email and Facebook
– my oldest daughter checks MSN, text messages and Facebook
– and my youngest daughter checks MSN and Facebook

before blasting out the door for the activities of the day. Certainly, this is a radical change from our routines compared to 4 or 5 years ago. How has technology impacted your morning routines? Leave a comment or send a tweet.

~ Mark

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