Missed the ‘noise’ today

How ironic! – talk about 2 days of contrast.

Yesterday my blog post was about managing the ‘noise’ from technology – keeping technology working for you while keeping your life balanced and avoiding information & technology use overload.

Today, there was a big silence in technology land. I was initially puzzled by the quietness of Twitter. Hmm, my session seems to have timed out. I can’t log back in. Now I jump into trouble shooting mode.

Maybe it is:

– my browser: different browser, same issue
– my computer: same results on another computer, checked 2 browsers
– an access issue: try logging in through a Twitter client – no luck
– our network: check with staff, everything is A-OK on our end

Dig in a little deeper:

– compare: try to access from my Blackberry – no luck
– more comparing: can not connect using my Blackberry as a wireless modem

Now I am convinced something serious is up. I contact a friend and fellow blogger who works in another Board. He was having the same experience but had learned that Twitter was experiencing a major Denial of Services (DoS) attack. Now the only plan of action is to wait! It is up to the staff at Twitter to sort through this mess.

What did I learn from this?

I learned I missed the tweets – the trickle of communication coming in from Twitter. I missed learning from the information posted through the tweets and related links. Perhaps more importantly, I recognized how much I learn each day through Twitter and other social media networks and how the people I interact with have become part of my PLN.

It appears the DoS issue has been resolved – YEAH! I am happy to be connected to my online PLN group again and ready to learn and share.

~ Mark

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