Are We at a Saturation Point

Edu Gridlock Part 3:

I enjoyed recent interactions with students around participation in strategic planning  I thought the students participated well in the sessions and  raised some good points from my view.

Much of the conversation focused around important issues such as the importance of an inclusive school culture and flexible programming to meet a variety of important needs – all good.

The one element that stuck with me though was this notion of “too many rules”. The students gave several examples of bringing ideas forward to foster positive school  culture but were met with a “no, because …” .  This reasons were many and varied — in essence I would say inked in rules — provincial, local, too risky, we have to follow nutrition regulations … you get the idea.  Yet, many of the ideas were reasonable, and certainly would have been entertained a decade ago.

I am not at all thinking that we should be operating in education without a good working framework, but the conversation sure left me wondering if we have actually reached a point of “rule saturation”.  Perhaps there is a middle ground where things can be achieved in different, more flexible ways rather than being so mired in regulations and rules.

How can we promote thinking more out of the box, but with the framework box?  Thoughts?  Please share. 



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