Is This Enough?

Happy 2015.  I hope this year is a great year for you personally and professionally.

Over the last couple of weeks, I noticed this graphic popping up in a variety of tweets and retweets.

Is this enough

I am not sure why, but this image stayed with me.  While there are exemplary practices listed for sure,  it struck me that this message is incomplete.

In my view the key elements missing are connected learning and  leading, effective use of digital tools and resources or making your thinking visible.

In 2015, I don’t think these elements can be left out of the educational equation.

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One thought on “Is This Enough?”

  1. It’s true. Learning and leadership network’s external to the school have always been left out of the equation, whether digital or analog in nature.

    It is interesting that such a heavy emphasis is placed on observing as opposed to what is observed and the thought and effort a colleague would put into that performance of teaching and learning. It would seem that our language is incapable of expressing a new paradigm of teaching and always falls back on language structures and reasoning formats that leave a lot out.

    Perhaps another example of this is the transparency of technology in the language. So, technology skills, resources and pedagogy’s are or could be assumed to be part of everything in that word bubble. You bring to it what you believe: so I am a technology teacher and I read it and assume that technology can be used to evaluate observe communicate learn I am at first to technology in my teaching and I read all of those same things with my own predispositions on the language allows me to do that.

    Thanks for always making me think a little more deeply Mark!

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