Reflecting on Openness

Educon 2.6 got off to a great start tonight with the panel discussion on creating a more open and transparent world. As anticipated, the excellent panel presented a variety of views and thoughtful insights. I thought I would share a few points in an effort to encourage you to reflect on some of the points raised in the discussion.

  • Define openness.  What does this mean?   What are the different contexts?
  • Learners or students?
  • Valuing connnectedness
  • badges rather than marks/grades/pass. What might this mean for  future employers? higher ed?
  • MOOCs – making them really work and not continuing old patterns
  • vulnerability
  • technology to enable learning – it is all about HOW we use it

I have selected a few tweets from the 100’s that were posted that connect to these points.











Will your reflections lead to change? renewed commitment to “the cause”? improved practice? attention to nurturing those around you? a more open approach? It is your journey. Make it worthy of the best student learning possible.


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