OSLA Web 2.0 Face-off

The last month seems to have blasted by in absolute warp speed. I feel like I have been immersed in a number of great opportunities and events: Educon, OSLA, Brock Tech Ed Day and OTF session.  At the same time my usual patterns of participation in Twitter, PLP etc. have been out of routine. I wanted to take the time to capture of few thoughts even though these events are somewhat in the past.

I really enjoyed being involved in the OSLA Web 2.0 Faceoff presentation. In a true fashion, this entire event was planned online. The group did not actually meet until the setup session the evening prior to the event!

Hosted by Anita Brooks Kirkland, and modelled after a hockey format, 2 Web 2.0 teams led by team captains: Zoe Branigan-Pipe and Doug Peterson, supported by players: Rick Budding, Diana Maliszewski, Roger Nevin, Colleen Rampelt. During the first two periods team presented effective Web. 2.0  tools with details of how they linked to our curriculum.

I enjoyed the the opportunity to work with Carol Koechlin; analyzing the Web 2.0 play. During the playoff, the teams challenged each other to find best curriculum fits for new Web 2.0 tools.

Play by play action was captured by Top Tweep: Becky Rouse. I captured the live Twitter stream into an archive.

Check out the team resources at OSLA Hockey Faceoff. Special thanks to Technical Director Diane Bédard.

~ Mark

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