iPhone live streaming

This past weekend my daughter was carolling as part of the festive activities. The final stop was to do a neighbourhood performance using someone’s porch as the stage. I couldn’t help but think this would be a great chance to trying streaming their performance with my iPhone to a wider audience.

Decision time: Qik or Ustream?  After a bit of testing, I decided on Qik – just seemed a little easier to use, and no annoying pop up ads in the video window.

I was sure I would not hold the phone still enough, so needed to come up with a stabilizer of some sort. I removed the snap cover from my iPod case and twist tied it to a camera tripod…. and presto, a streaming pouch for the iPhone.

iPhone streaming in action.

I choose to optimize the audio since I was recording music and minimize the bandwidth required. the audio quality turned out quite well. The video is a bit grainy, but this lighting was not the best and may have contributed to the lower video quality.

Check out Amber’s Angels recording. Enjoy!

Note: This streaming activity could just as easily been an event in a classroom. Just think of the possibilities.

~ Mark

7 thoughts on “iPhone live streaming”

  1. Nice. I love your improvised steady cam. Very nice. Check out my experiment with iMovie. Filmed, cut and assembled all on my iphone4. And yes, I need a steadicam.

  2. What a great moment to capture, Mark!
    I can’t wait until I can upgrade to the iphone 4…I’m still suffering along with the 3G until summer I think! LOL

  3. Mark, did you hear that Qik got bought by Skype today? Don’t know what they’re going to do with it. Details to follow.

    1. Thanks for the news Sean – did not hear that today. It will be interesting to see what happens for sure.

      ~ Mark

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