iPad wifi tip

In an earlier blog post I commented that the one ‘clunky’ aspect of using the iPad was that the wifi connection to known networks did not happen. With further experimentation, I found that different strategies were needed including:

  • be patient and wait, sometimes the connection issue would sort itself out
  • manually choose the network from the list stored in the wifi settings panel
  • on some occasions, I was asked to reenter my wifi password again
  • complete power off and restart
  • and in a more persistent situation, I went through the ‘forget network’ process and set things up again.

Interestingly, this challenge seems to be mainly with the combination of the iPad and the newest OS. My iPhone and iPod touch do not have this issue.  Yesterday, when this issue surfaced again, and I decided to try something new.  In the settings panel, I choose the Safari tab and used the options available to clear the history, cookies and cache. Immediately following this action, the wifi connection worked fine.

Maybe I am on to something here. I will continue to test this process to see if it yields consistent result.

~ Mark

3 thoughts on “iPad wifi tip”

  1. There’s a firmware update out today for the iPad. One of the fixes is for your WiFi problem. Time for your iPad to talk to the Mother Ship.

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