Dome Tech

Celebrating design and engineering technology:

I attended the Toronto Blue Jays game last night. Although there were numerous scattered showers around Ontario during the afternoon, the weather had cleared. With the game just underway, and clear skies the decision was made to open the dome.

I found it quite fascinating to actually watch the transition of the stadium from its closed to open air state from the vantage point of our seats behind home plate. There is no doubt in my mind this is a wonderful example of great engineering. The photos below capture the ‘dome transition’.

The dome opens to begin the retracting process.

Retraction process complete.

The ‘roof slide’ starts.

Roof slide: talk about perfect engineering!

Roof slide 50% complete.

Roof slide complete.

CN Tower as viewed from our behind home plate seats.

… and the Jays won to boot.

~ Mark