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I began my day by reading @dougpete‘s blog post about David Warlick‘s new book, A Gardener’s Approach to Learning. Based on Doug’s comments about the book, I thought I would enjoy reading it too. The book is available in a print version as well as a downloadable pdf file. Immediately, I started to think about reading the publication on my iPad, so the buy online and read now process was appealing.

This was an easy decision – get the book now, enjoy reading it and take advantage of the opportunity to read on my iPad and learn something new today. I visited Lulu’s online publishing site, updated my credit card credentials, made my purchase and downloaded the file. Next, I used Calibre ebook management software to convert the downloaded file to the epub format. After attaching my iPad to my laptop I chose the ‘send to device’ option in the Calibre software to send the file to the iBooks app on my iPad and presto – my new book is ready to read on the go.

I look forward to reading David’s new book, perhaps sitting on the back porch later today.

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~ Mark

4 thoughts on “iPad iBook iRead”

  1. Hi Mark.

    Great minds like alike. I downloaded David’s book yesterday and finished it last night. I also purchased five print copies as well to distribute to our colleagues.

    You have to make sure you get to ISTE in Philadelphia next year.


  2. Just as an FYI, you can now put PDF’s in iBooks. Make sure you update the app in the iTunes Store. To put the PDF in iBooks, plug in your iPad, choose your iPad in iTunes and click the App’s tab. Scroll down to the file sharing part and choose iBooks from the left. Click add and find the pdf on your hard drive. Sync. Voila! The pdf is in iBooks in the pdf section 😉

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