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iPhones: Pushing the envelope

I came across some interesting videos highlighting where we are headed with the next generation of iPhone applications. I continue to be amazed at the rapid rate at which the envelope of what is possible is continually pushed. The 3 examples below illustrate different ways in which the envelope is being pushed.

Starbucks is developing an iPhone app which allows you to use a credit card to load money into the Starbucks app to use like a reusable gift card. Is this the birth of the iWallet?


Click here to watch the YouTube video

ARider: The next video demonstrates how iPhone GPS technology can benefit cyclists.

iPhone GPS

Click here to watch the YouTube video

The Bionic Eye application is essentially a new version of the ‘Nearest Subway’ application which previewed in the summer. The Bionic Eye allows users to locate fast food outlets, hotels and wifi hotspots.

Bionic Eye

Click here to watch the Bionic Eye demo on YouTube

~ Mark