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Make It More Than Personal

Bring IT Together has been a great professional  opportunity with great energy, sharing, networking and learning.


I want draw on a key word for my closing remarks:  NEXT.

As a next, Sylvia Martinez challenged us to look beyond, engage with technology and not just use it, experience agency by design and contribute to a global web of ideas.

Steve Dotto suggested we not worry about missing the release date of a new app, but rather embrace a stance of curiosity to explore new possibilities.

This afternoon, Heidi Siwak challenged us to consider how to produce a different kind of student thinkers through an integrative thinking approach. Can you find the magic?

Simon Breakspear recently told Ontario Leaders that the entire world was waiting to find out what Ontario would do next to grow as professionals and to ensure that every Ontario student learns.

In his address to Microsoft employees on the 40th anniversary of  the company,  Bill Gates restated his views on the importance of making  “the power of technology accessible to everyone, connect people to each other and make personal computing available everywhere.” 

And then, there it was – a very powerful quote:  “What matters most is what we do next”  he wrote. Let that sink in:  What matters most is what we do next.

Every moment has a next and I  challenge you to make your  #BIT15  experience more than personal.  Put your learning into action. Influence thinking.  Share your learning. Ignite the spark others.

How will you make a difference between now and BIT16?  What is your next?