Important Voices

Today started with a great conversation over breakfast.  I was sitting with Harry Niezen,  Donna Fry and  George Couros.  The question on the table was who are the big names to follow in education these days?

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After some healthy discussion, of a few of the traditional big names the conversation drifted to a new perspective. Why do we need to focus on the “big names”?   Many educators are bloggers. These educators are openly sharing ideas, reflections, visions and questions.

Why would we pay attention to one perspective?  Why not read, share, comment and reflect on the viewpoints of active connected educators who are putting their thinking ‘out there’ for everyone to access?

Where do you stand?  The one (or few) or the many?

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3 thoughts on “Important Voices”

  1. I think we should focus on the many which is what you, George and Donna are doing. Through SAVMP and OSSEMOOC you are giving so many bloggers (like me ) a voice and that is a huge motivator! Thanks for your efforts to empower education bloggers!

  2. What I liked about the conversation was the realization that the people who are the leaders, the ones who have the vision are the ones who are in the classroom … the one who are ‘doing it’. It used to the the ‘thinkers’ who we looked to … the academic experts who had the time to research and learn. Now it is the ones who are active and are living examples of the vision.

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