Shift: hand in or publish

Today’s blog post is a simple question to ponder that came up in an insightful conversation with Ken Whytock.

Rather than ‘handing in’ assignments  today’s students  should:


on the web.


Please weigh in.  Share your thoughts by leaving a comment or connect with us via twitter:  @markwcarbone  and  @kenwhytock.


3 thoughts on “Shift: hand in or publish”

  1. I just want to share another link to some writing that reinforces how I think about how technology can be used in classrooms. So much of the craziness we call school needs to be rethought, redesigned, redone. Our work now is to get buy-in from the community, from parents ~ from post-secondary school! As long as those old structures are in place – the overwhelming ridiculous emphasis on distilling children into two digit numbers that allow them to attend university or not, for example – it will be challenging to effect change. Learning must be at the centre of what we do, not conformity, not memorization, not test writing!

  2. Publishing is valuable, and empowering learners by making them global teachers is undeniably awesome.

    Keeping your words in-house until they’re reviewed by a mentor (teacher/peer/etc.) so that you don’t make irreversible mistakes on the permanent web is also valuable.

    Let’s use both – private/local and public/global, with the intent being the use of private/local to get better at public/global in the long term.

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