iO Dock review

I finally had an opportunity to try the Alesis iO dock dock for the iPad. The iO dock is a docking station that provides a full state of audio input/output connections for XLR and 1/4″ connectors. The unit also has MIDI in, out and USB connections as well as a video out. The iPad simply slides in, and you can use your favourite recording application. The unit fits both iPad 1 and iPad 2 designs through the use of an adjustable sleeve that fits under the iPad 2.

The iO Dock and GarageBand

Last weekend I worked with 2 of our family musicians to produce a sample recording as a ‘test run’.  The recording was created with a mic’d guitar, electric violin (see below) and a Mackie mixer directly interfaced with the iO dock. Enjoy this personalized arrangement as the fruits of our session. Listen here.

Meet the electric violin:


There are many different recording apps available on iTunes. Here are 3 that I have used:  Recorder,  Blue FiRe  and  GarageBand .   This particular project was done with Blue FiRe.  The Recorder app has an nice process for easy process to transfer the recorded files through a local wifi browser connection.

Perhaps the iO dock has a place in your studio or classroom.