Online orientation

While participating on the OTF21C panel discussion this past week, an interesting point came up.  Since the discussion, I have been thinking about this:  What is your online orientation?

1. Are you offline, and you choose when to go online?


2. Are you online, and you choose when to go offline?

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4 thoughts on “Online orientation”

  1. What a great question.I’d have to say I’m online and I choose when to go offline, but just stating it has me turning it over in my mind and wondering about why that is, how I got here, and just how healthy it is.

  2. I think the boundaries of online, or offline are becoming less defineable. Even when one may define themselves as offline such as “I turned my computer off” their PDA is still functioning and effectively online. If one decides to leave thier BlackBerry at home, they may not be aware of the activity but the device is still active and online on their behalf. If this were to go one step further and one states ” I have turned all my devices off and left them behind” they are still online by proxy spooling up relative correspondence in the services subscribed to. I therefore propose that none of us are ever offline, rather the debatable point is “are we aware of our online activities while we were away?”

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