CDN PLP – Culminating Session

On Friday May 20th we held our culminating day for this year’s PLP  and  Futures Forum session. From my point of view, the day was a wonderful success — an opportunity to passionately share about our learnings, celebrate our collective successes and begin the scaling process by introducing next year’s Futures Forum teachers to the process. I captured much of the morning presentations with my Livescribe pen. I have uploaded many of the recordings and linked to the sections by topic as per the list below.

Futures Forum Course Design

The Power of Blogging

Online Magazine

Civics Mirror


Going Forward

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One thought on “CDN PLP – Culminating Session”

  1. Mark,
    What a great use of your LiveScribe pen– I really enjoyed hearing Emily speak about blogging with her students— loved her passion–

    Congratulations on a special culminating event!

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