Tethering with your iPhone

Have you ever needed to access the internet with your laptop when there was no suitable wifi connection?

One solution is to use your iPhone as a wireless modem. Using a smartphone as a wireless modem is called tethering. Setting up this feature with your iPhone is very straight forward.

Step 1: open the settings menu

Step 2: select ‘general‘ from the settings menu

Step 3: Select ‘network‘ from the general menu

Step 4: Select ‘Internet Tethering‘ from the Network menu.

Step 5: Slide the ‘Internet Tethering‘ button to ‘on’

Now you are ready to connect your iPhone with ‘modem mode’ enabled. You have options to connect with USB or bluetooth.

USB  connection mode: The first time you connect the iPhone in this mode, iTunes will load the necessary drivers and you are ready to go.

Bluetooth connection mode: Before you can connect in bluetooth mode, bluetooth must on active (on) and the iPhone must be paired with the computer in the same manner as you would pair a bluetooth headset. (refer to system documentation for this step)

I have found tethering to work great. If fact, this blog post was written using a tethered internet connection via my iPhone.

Note: Please review your data plan limits and applicable data charge rates before actively using this connection method. You certainly don’t want any surprises on your monthly bill.

Stay connected 🙂

~ Mark

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