Student View: iPod Guidelines

The first day back after the holiday break is complete. At dinner, we talked about what happened today. My daughter, who is involved in a class iPod project, mentioned they had a class discussion about developing some iPod use guidelines. Naturally, I was interested to hear about the dialogue. I took the role of the reporter, prompted the discussion with a couple of questions, but mainly tried to sit back, and listen to a student version of the outcome of the class discussion.

My transcription of the conversation:

  • Be prepared
    • The unit and headphones should be at school each day, fully charged
    • Required apps must be installed timely, as required
    • Units will be kept on the desktop ready for action
    • Be responsible
  • Manners and etiquette
    • Be considerate of others. Give them your attention when they are talking or presenting. The iPod should NOT be a distractor.
    • Use when asked (there may be non use activities)
    • Text communication will not likely be required
  • Applications and Content
    • Apps should be appropriate for school. Any games should be educational (problem solving etc.)
    • No illegal music
    • Note: I must admit the last comment made my heart smile – nice to see copyright as part of the discussion!

To me, it sounds like they had a good discussion and captured the important points. My daughter seemed confident that this approach would work well. I think this set of guidelines would work well for adults too, especially the point in blue italics. 🙂

~ Mark

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