Creatures of Habit?

This week I was scheduled to attend meetings in Toronto for OASBO and ECNO provincial IT functions.

Yesterday I set out to travel to the OASBO session which was begin hosted at the Peel District School Board, about an 85 km drive for me. I left just after 7:00 and pulled int0 the parking lot just in time at 8:55. I experienced major traffic bottlenecks in predictable spots, lots of inching along practising my shifting from 1st to 2nd gear and back.

Today’s AGM meeting was set for a location 3 interchanges farther into Toronto. Wanting to make sure I was on time for the AGM, I decided to leave earlier to account for the traffic slow downs experienced yesterday. I organized my morning to blast off at 6:30. Wonder of wonders, I experienced the ‘dream drive’ – no accidents, no construction, clear weather. I arrived in the parking lot at 7:25.

It was great to have an easy drive. I wonder  how predictably this ‘dream drive’ might occur? I wonder how much our ‘creatures of habit’ routines factor into making this drive predictable?

Just wondering.