En Route to PLP Ontario

Today I was looking forward to heading out in the afternoon for the PLP Ontario session with Will Richardson. My Blackberry blinked as morning communications rolled in. Traffic reports from Twitter were indicating some construction delays along the 401 route at Woodstock, but hopefully those would be clear by the time I was on the road.

It was a beautiful sunny afternoon, warm for this time of year. I made by traditional pre-drive stop at Tim Horton’s – black coffee, half decaf, then set my playlist on my ipod and off I went. Current traffic reports were now clear other than some paving west of London, so I was anticipating a good trip.

The drive was great, as expected. The unexpected was the road signs. I saw 3 signs that caught my attention. This first two were the standard wooden painted signs.

1. Fatigue kills, take a break.
2. Tailgating kills, leave some space.

While you can’t argue with either one of these statements, there was something unsettling about them. I guess it was the negative spin on encouraging positive driving habits.

The 3rd sign was one of those programmable, over the highway ones. You would expect to see a message concerning traffic conditions. The message was:

Don’t text or email while driving.

Whoa! – not expected at all. October 26th is hands free day on Ontario. Make sure you are ready for safe travel. Looking for hands free gear?   Many local vendors will have equipment, but you might be interested in checking out this cleverly named website:  Lets Yada

Drive safely!

~ Mark