Puzzles: math and language in harmony

This past weekend I celebrated that ‘annual milestone’ day with my family. Great food, lots of fun and I still feel as focused and energized as ever – just with a little more experience. 🙂

One of my presents was a new puzzle book – one that I had not seen around anywhere before. For those of you that know me and/or have been following my blog posts, might guess that the puzzle book is based on word games. If that was your guess, you are right but the book is much more than ‘just a word game’.


In many ways the book reminds me of a chess book I purchased many years ago. If my memory serves me correctly, the book was by chess great Bobby Fischer. The book presented a series of puzzles with partially completed chess games and the reader had to determine a sequence of moves to place one set of players in check, check mate or establish a draw. I recall spending hours pouring over the book to determine the various solutions.

End Flashback

Back to my new puzzle book. It is a delightful combination of language, math and problem solving all wrapped up into one concept: series of words in Scrabble plays , 3 sets of tiles to place on the board (write on the page) to achieve a predetermined or required score and an opportunity to boost your vocabulary all at the same time!

Ding Ding Ding – This is a winner with me. If you enjoy puzzle books, check out Scrabble Puzzles by Joe Edley, published by Sterling.  A book like this might be a nice fit in a classroom. I am heading off to check out a new puzzle!

~ Mark

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