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Web Address Update

Notice to readers of Mark’s Musings

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Thank you Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs

Thank you for sharing your vision, energy, leadership and innovative spirit. You have taught many and made a difference.

Your legacy will live forever.


Links for 20110423

It has been a while since I posted a set of links. Over the last couple of weeks, I have come across a number of interesting articles, and thought I would share the links.

1. Canadian Election Laws & Social Media Tools
2. Passion Based Learning, an interview with Sheryl Nassbaum-Beach
3. Collaborative Action Plans
4. Learning & Working in the Social Workplace
5. The social universe, social media & schools
6. Skype in the Classroom
7. Dropbox & Privacy
8. A creative Google geo-greeting
9. It is about verbs, not tools

Enjoy the reading.


Creating Art with the iPod

My daughter really enjoys creating works of art. She has a wide range of interests ranging from painting to paper mache to origami to crafts of all types. She has been having a lot of fun checking out draw programs for the iPod Touch. Some favorite art apps are:

iBurn – draws with flames, has options for mirroring to create symmetric shapes

Doodle Buddy – drawing program, has a good smudging feature

Glow Coloring – drawing program with florescent colors, has a stamping feature

TrippingFest Lite – allows drawing by pattern – great for symmetry, example patterns include polar, random shapes

Meritum Paint – simple drawing paint, lines are feathered like spilt paint, can draw with 2 fingers at once

Spawn Lite – random bouncing lines that explode in fireworks shapes

Dash Of Color – loads an existing picture to a black & white version, you can add colour highlights

SketchMee Lite – takes an existing picture and coverts it to a version based on chalk or pencil lines, then you add a new color scheme

PaintMee Lite – similar to SketchMee, but uses ‘paint’ rather than lines

Adobe Photoshop – photo editing on the go

Sample Art Gallery:  Pictures are names to reflect the app used to create them


Doodle Buddy

Glow Coloring

Tripping Fest Lite

Meritum Paint

Spawn Lite

Dash of Color

Sketch Mee

Paint Mee